The Code

  1. I will protect my physical health by training, eating well, and getting the rest I need to recover and rebuild.
  2. I will protect my attention and direct it towards the path. My thoughts will be focused and clear.
  3. I will be mindful of my emotions. I will not let frustration, anger, anxiety, or fear cloud my judgment or dictate my behavior.
  4. I will set clear objectives and build, refine, and employ the systems I need to achieve them. I will not be distracted by short-sighted goals.
  5. I will excel in my career. Professional success spills over into other facets of life.
  6. I will tend to my physical surroundings by keeping them clean, in order, well-maintained, and free of unnecessary or unused things.
  7. I will not waste time. I will spend time meeting the needs of the present or invest time into meeting the needs of the future. Time is precious; time is life.
  8. I will not waste money. Financial independence is the foundation of a self-determined life.
  9. I will treat everyone with respect. I will be humble. My ego will not negatively impact my decisions or behavior.
  10. I will put others before myself. I will care for my family and friends. I will be a dutiful, steadfast life partner.

The core of these ten aspirations comes from The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols: Striving to Become and Eminently Qualified Human by Jocko Willink et. al.. That book applies the principles of the US Marine Corps Performance Evaluation System (PES) to civilian life. I have rewritten The Code to make it my own. It reflects what I want from my life. You should do the same.

The driving force behind a personal code, and the continuous evaluation of ourselves against the eminent realization of that code, is a neigh-unachievable standard of self-realization to strive toward. No mortal can achieve the pinnacle of human performance across all aspects of life. The best we can do is humble ourselves, work hard, and never give up.

Stay on the path.